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Mario 15th March 2015 11:29 AM

Hungry Jack's Karawara. (2015 Opening.)
Nooooooooooo! There is a new Hungry Jack's (Burger King) opening in Karawara. Firstly, whilst this news would have overjoyed me before, now I am livid. I don't want this temptation near me. I will be less than 100m away. Secondly, it's some kind of garbage mini store. This is not a proper "full size" store. In fact, I am amazed they are building it. It is right next to a Shell gas station. In fact, it is on the gas station lot. They are either leasing it -the building- from Shell/Coles or have purchased the land. Either way, it's unbelievable. I foresee major congestion issues. The entire place is an old auto mechanic garage that held two cars side by side. That's how small it is. It's insane. I must assume there will be no walk in service. People buying fuel and wanting to exit to Manning Road will rage, having to, I assume, often wait for or give way to drive thru cars going and coming from Hungry Jack's. This garbage mini Hungry Jack's store will cause congestion to both Manning Rd and Walanna Drive. (God forbid if this place will be open 24 hours.)

Mario 16th March 2015 06:57 AM

Re: Hungry Jack's Karawara. (2015 Opening.)
Here are three more pictures from Google Earth and Street View to illustrate how small this place really is. Looking at the second picture, you can clearly see that they are turning, what is basically a two car garage, into a Hungry Jack's. The third picture illustrates a typical moment during the day, in the life of the Shell petrol station. I don't yet know which way the cars will be entering Hungry Jack's from, but I must assume it will be from Walanna Drive. Can you imagine how many cars will be lined up along Walanna Drive, waiting to enter the small car feeder this garbage store will have? The more I think about this, the less logical sense it makes. I am starting to think that this Hungry Jack's will not have a drive thru at all. FYI; These Google pictures are several months out of date. In the last few weeks, the local council have added "traffic islands" along Walanna Drive, including right outside the station. Those too, would cause even more issues, including utter gridlock. I think I best make some calls and find out about this store.

This whole thing is crazier still when you realize that the building you see on the right of this petrol station, is a Chicken Treat store, abandoned since 2012. As you can see, whilst still small when compared to typical Hungry Jack's stores, it would be perfect. It already has a drive thru service. Cars enter from the back -near where you can see what looks like a manhole cover- and place their order through a speaker box. They then drive up to the pickup window which is right next to the green tree - the smaller one. Apart from that, the entire store is located on a car park. People can just park and go inside too. Look at all those bays. Why am I even describing this place in detail? It's clear for all to see. Is that building not for sale? Do the owners want too much? Either way, what a joke. A Hungry Jack's store built literally, next to a fucking gas station - fumes and all.

some1_else 18th May 2015 08:56 PM

Re: Hungry Jack's Karawara. (2015 Opening.)
I for one welcome our new Hungry Jacks overlords. We must all submit to the mothership's wishes and embrace this new store! *puts on tin foil hat*

Mario 22nd May 2015 03:47 PM

Re: Hungry Jack's Karawara. (2015 Opening.)
They are up and running. They are 24 hours. :(

some1_else 22nd May 2015 10:02 PM

Re: Hungry Jack's Karawara. (2015 Opening.)
I am surprised that the puny earthings are still behaving in a civil manner in the vicinity of this store! How can they expect to cope with such convenience? Surely the lure of 24 hour available Hungry Jacks has sent them into a ravenous orgy of consumption and traffic jams!

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