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Mario 22nd May 2011 10:10 PM

Intel Core i7-975, 12GB DDR-3, GTX-480 3DMark benchmarks.
Today, I sold my GTX-480. On the morrow I am getting a GTX-580. Before taking out the 480 I decided to post some benchmarks, for if nothing else, I can then easily compare the two. From what I read about the 580, I should get an average of around 10% increase over the 480, which is something I'd be happy with. The benchmarks were conducted on a "dirty" system, which is to say I did not install a fresh (i.e. clean) copy of Windows for the sole purpose of benchmarking. I used my eight month old Windows 7 install. It's basically pretty lean and clean. There are no issues with it, and, in theory, better represents a more normal benchmark result. The operating system is Windows 7 Ultimate with Service Pack 1. No additional software (ie: AntiVirus) was running during the benchmarking procedure. CPU Turbo Boost disabled.

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