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Angry Chicken Treat, you've done it again.

Yesterday whilst at Chicken Treat something happened. What happened was that as usual, I paid by credit card. Then the young girl asks, as always, "pin or sign?", so I tell her "credit" - several times. I then inform her that it's the original way, which is to sign and mumble why she and others keep asking this every time, even though they already know it's credit. And I think this may have angered her. So she goes back into the kitchen area where I can not see her, where in general she has no business being. (Just stay at the cashier taking orders and whatnot.) Seconds later two young boys peek their heads out near the wall and look at me, strangely. The girl comes out and I see them talking hurriedly whilst glancing at me again. By now I'm wondering what the fuck ? ...what are they plotting ? So when, in another unusual step, one of the boys brings me my order I know it's compromised. Why him ? Why not the girl - who is supposed to do it ? I immediately tell him I want my money back. He looks perplexed and asks why. I suggest to him that they have probably done "something" to my order, that I saw them acting "strange" - as if they were plotting something. I suggested that they spat or did "something" to my order. As soon as I made my suggestion about the conspiracy, he had this huge smile and denied they did anything. His coy, wicked smile confirmed the sabotage - right there and then. I told him my order was probably compromised and that I wanted my money back. He got the "manager", a young ruffian who assured me that no shenanigans took place. I dismissed his assurance and demanded my money back - which I got. Of course now this incident has made it so I can not go back there for several years, until all those involved are no longer there. And that's OK - this has happened before. An inconvenience sure, but as the French say:"C'est la vie".

I am aware that in recent times it is now possible to have a pin on a credit account. But this is a fairly recent change and credit has up to that point always been verified by a signature. Vendors should just assume credit accounts require a signature, and if a pin is indeed required, then, they ask for it to be entered.
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