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Originally Posted by Maniac View Post
...nowadays when using credit cards they are able to have a pin number assigned to them...
Ah, excuse me!! I know this - and have made it very clear by using the footnote. Do you know what a footnote is ? So your comment is actually, in my opinion, pretty useless. You're preaching to the converted.

Originally Posted by Maniac View Post
...while most people still prefer to sign for purchases made with their credit cards...
Exactly! So vendors should assume a signature will be used for credit card purchases and default to that "setting". If a pin is required, they will know about it. Look, you schmuck, this is the same irritating bullshit that happens at shop checkouts. "Do you have flybuys ?". I just want to shout at them :"FUCK YOU AND YOUR FUCKING FLYBUYS!!!". Enough already.

Originally Posted by Maniac View Post
...if you use your credit card regularly I am amazed that this is the first time you have been asked...
It's not - obviously. But it's getting fucking annoying. Stop fucking asking already!! And that's the whole point - this only just started happening reasonably recently. Maybe they too, were told to ask every time. I don't like it.
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