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Talking Gotcha, you cunt, Sarah Northway.

Gotcha! BITCH!

So there is this PC game, Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville created, supposedly, by a woman, namely Sarah Northway. Intelligence reports designate her as a typical California libtard feminist SJW cunt. She's a liberated woman who thinks she's hot shit. This wretched whore is one of those fucktard "developers" who has pricing "principles". She does not want to "undervalue" and cheapen her "intellectual property", and as such, since the launch on Steam in 2014, has never discounted Rebuild 3 below 40%. So far, one might argue that she has principles and sticks by them. However! -the game is now part of a Humble Bundle bundle, and more importantly, the "Pay What You Want" tier. That means one can purchase this $14.99 game for, unless HB policy changed, 0.01c and get a Steam key (the important part) for $1.01. You're getting three games in this tier, so we can argue that Sarah is content to receive 0.33c from the Steam key wanting cheapskates. That assumes the buyer doesn't modify the "Choose where your money goes" slider, which allows buyers to allocate where and how much different participating entities involved in the bundle receive. If one wanted to, they could deny developers any profit, by, for example, allocating all their payment to one or more of the other options. (Though one has to wonder if Humble Bundle, regardless of setting, still pays developers something. I'd guess, probably.) In conclusion, Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville "Steam" version can now be gotten for $1.01 which means it is receiving a 97% off discount. (Technically the discount is even deeper, since the "dollar" is split -one assumes- between the three distinct "tier one" developers.) Here's the thing though - the rage. I would have purchased this game directly on Steam for $3.75 via a 75% off discount. That never happened - on Steam, it only ever received a lousy 40% off. (As of this post!) Now, this vile hypocrite cunt puts it in a $1 tier? Without invalidating anything discussed herein, that the game is in a bundle, is indeed great. What grinds my gears is her attitude. If you're "into" the PC gaming "scene", you are fully aware that there are a few such self declared "principled" developers who despise gamers and who deliberately don't discount their games past a few lousy percentile. Sarah "men are pigs, fuck the patriarchy!" Northway is exactly such a devious cunt. This ginger whore never discounted Rebuild 3 on Steam past 40% ($8.99), but now, I got her game for 33c. That's right, I'm a bitter and proud white male who just won a prolonged three year "Mexican standoff" to get Rebuild 3 on Steam for a "reasonable" price. I got it now, bitch!

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