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Thumbs up Problem fixed: able to select and use 1680x1050 resolution.

A while back, perhaps around a year or so, I noticed that I no longer had some of the resolutions available in the nVidia ForceWare control panel that I used to - specifically 1680x1050. I just assumed, nVidia for some reason, removed these resolutions - I wouldn't put it past them. Technically they are still not selectable so the problem still persists. Long story short, there is a really simple solution. I am able to make new resolutions (assuming the monitor supports them) simply using the graphics control panel. Under the Manage Custom Resolutions option, funnily enough, you can add custom resolutions - so I added one for 1680x1050, and all is well. In all my years of computing I have never had to create "custom" resolutions for resolutions that were always available before. Still, if nothing else, this incident has thought me about using custom resolutions.
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