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Thumbs down Hungry Jack's Karawara. (2015 Opening.)

Nooooooooooo! There is a new Hungry Jack's (Burger King) opening in Karawara. Firstly, whilst this news would have overjoyed me before, now I am livid. I don't want this temptation near me. I will be less than 100m away. Secondly, it's some kind of garbage mini store. This is not a proper "full size" store. In fact, I am amazed they are building it. It is right next to a Shell gas station. In fact, it is on the gas station lot. They are either leasing it -the building- from Shell/Coles or have purchased the land. Either way, it's unbelievable. I foresee major congestion issues. The entire place is an old auto mechanic garage that held two cars side by side. That's how small it is. It's insane. I must assume there will be no walk in service. People buying fuel and wanting to exit to Manning Road will rage, having to, I assume, often wait for or give way to drive thru cars going and coming from Hungry Jack's. This garbage mini Hungry Jack's store will cause congestion to both Manning Rd and Walanna Drive. (God forbid if this place will be open 24 hours.)

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