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Arrow Re: Spam/scam emails thread.

And another.

From: Mark Bridge
178 Jason Moyo Layouts,
Harare, Zimbabwe.

Dear Sir,

My name is Mark Bridge a citizen of Zimbabwe and a financial consultant. I am making this contact with you on the strength of my client s need for an individual such as you, who will be willing to receive money on his behalf abroad, and then invest this money for making profit in accordance with the foreign direct investment regulations in your country.

Your role in this transaction is to receive the fund as trustee to my client, and to set up a team of experts that will be delegated with the responsibility of investing the fund there in your country under your supervision as my clientís legal representative/ trustee.

Itís very important to state clearly now that this fund that my client intends to invest in your country is completely legal. It is not in any way associated with any illegalities, drug or money laundering activities. We have documentary evidence/proof of the non criminal origin of the fund as such we will not be violating any prevailing international laws as a result of investing the fund on behalf of my client there in your country.

You will not be required to send money to me or any 3rd Party with regards to executing this transaction until the fund/ capital is withdrawn from the financial institution where it is presently deposited and credited into your designated bank account for this investment purposes.

In the event that you are willing to work with my client on this project as a partner, provide me with your direct telephone and fax numbers for further detail.

Best regards
Mark Bridge
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