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Default Re: The "Graffiti in games" exhibition. (OPEN DAILY)

Originally Posted by DEFCON SHARK View Post
Yes i am a human. Ok, but for the size of the images they will not be the same, because they are the Graffitis themselves (texture) and not a screenshot of the ingame where you can see it on a wall.
I have that on Imgur ( )

Is it ok for me to post that here?
When I read "texture", before, I felt it was kinda weird but assumed maybe it was what you called pictures. Turns out it's just that, the actual graffiti assets only - not in-game pictures. As such, unfortunately, they don't fit with the purpose of this thread. This thread is for in-game versions of graffiti pictures. (What a user sees when playing the game. Every single picture listed in this thread was taken by myself during game play. I experienced those moments.) However, if you feel passionate about textures, perhaps you may wish to make a new thread about textures only. Thread capacity isn't an issue.
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