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Lightbulb Soldier of Fortune: Payback aiming issue with very fast frame rates.

Today I finally started playing Soldier of Fortune: Payback. This is one of those games you love to hate. Talk about squandering a great franchise. The first two games in the franchise, developed by Raven Software were rather good. This third iteration was developed by Cauldron, a bunch of Slovakian tossers. The game is a budget title released on the Activision Value label. This game could have had so much more potential - if only Raven had been involved. The graphics are not too bad and the game play is reasonable. At any rate, I'm having fun playing this abortion. Once I got to the Donetsk: Brothel level the aiming went haywire. (This also happened in the Eshkashem: Caves levels to a lesser extent.) I was stumped. What happened was that when I had the crosshair on an enemy it would not turn red as it should, and has done up to this stage. This meant that when I fired my weapon the enemy would not register a hit. I quickly found that I had to aim somewhere outside the body silhouette at random locations. This made the game unplayable. I was fuming - and confused. I regularly use FRAPS, and what I noticed was that when I started recording, everything was fine and the aiming was back to normal. In a short period of time I realized what the problem was. Seems that very high frame rates was the culprit. Because this level takes place indoors and in confined spaces, my frame rate shot up from an average of 90 frames per second, to several hundred. I have FRAPS set to record @60fps, and thus when I started recording, the game would run at 60 frames per second, which made the aiming work properly. The solution was rather simple - turn on vertical synchronization (v-sync) via the GPU driver settings. Once that was done, the game ran at no more than 60 frames per second. Aiming issue solved. Of course, had this game been developed by competent people, it would have had the usual enable/disable v-sync option in it's graphic settings, which I would have enabled from the start, as I do with all other games.

tl;dr version: If you're having aiming issues in SOF: Payback, enable V-sync.

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