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Post The unlisted Steam profile games list v1.0

This is a list that lists (heh) games available in people's Steam libraries but that are not listed on the profile. Why are they not listed, and some never were? Ask Valve. Some of the listed game are no longer sold on Steam, but that would not be the reason they are not listed.

Software games:
  1. A Game of Dwarves
  2. Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition
  3. Castle of Illusion
  4. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Ultimate Edition
  5. Conflict Desert Storm
  6. Cut the Rope
  7. Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game
  8. Demolition Company Gold
  9. Disciples Reincarnation (This game was never sold directly through Steam.)
  10. Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project
  11. DYNASTY WARRIORS 7 with Xtreme Legends (Chinese only title that is only available via retail purchase and not sold directly on Steam.)
  12. East India Company: Battle of Trafalgar (DLC)
  13. Elizabeth Find M.D. - Diagnosis Mystery - Season 2
  14. Emergency 2012 (removed)
  15. Emergency 2013 (removed)
  16. Fallout New Vegas: Old World Blues (DLC)
  17. Fallout New Vegas: Lonesome Road (DLC)
  18. FINAL FANTASY XI: Ultimate Collection Seekers Edition
  19. Gatling Gears
  20. Great Big War Game
  21. GT Legends
  22. GTR - FIA GT Racing Game
  23. Hegemony Gold: Wars of Ancient Greece
  24. Iron Front: Liberation 1944
  25. Jewel Quest Mysteries
  26. Joint Operations: Combined Arms Gold
  27. Jojo's Fashion Show (removed)
  28. Jojo's Fashion Show 2 (removed)
  29. King Arthur: Fallen Champions
  30. Legacy of Kain: Defiance
  31. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
  32. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2
  33. Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards: Reloaded
  34. Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy
  35. Might & Magic VI
  36. Miner Wars Arena - Special Edition
  37. Noitu Love 2: Devolution
  38. R.I.P.D.: The Game
  39. Rayman 2 - The Great Escape
  40. Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny
  41. Sacred 2: Fallen Angel (Shows on Valve staff profiles, but not customers'. Used to show on customers' too.)
  42. Sacred 2 Gold
  43. Sacrifice
  44. Sam & Max 104: Abe Lincoln Must Die! (Shown only after played.)
  45. Secret Files 3
  46. Sherlock Holmes: The Secret of the Silver Earring
  47. Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened - Remastered
  48. Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Mummy
  49. Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Persian Carpet
  50. SpeedRunners
  51. Storm
  52. The Search for Amelia Earhart
  53. The Rockin' Dead (This game was never sold directly through Steam. The retail key activates on Steam.)
  54. Theatre of War 3: Korea
  55. Tomb Raider I
  56. Tomb Raider II
  57. Tomb Raider III
  58. Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation
  59. Tomb Raider V: Chronicles
  60. Tomb Raider VI: The Angel of Darkness
  61. Trials Evolution: Gold Edition
  62. TriJinx: A Kristine Kross Mystery
  63. War of the Roses: Kingmaker
  64. Voodoo Dice
  65. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Special Editions¹

Listed on profile, but have no picture assets.

  • Anachronox (It's profile picture is actually used by the Blood Omen 2: Legacy of Kain.)
  • Daikatana
  • Deadly Premonition Soundtrack (Yes, a soundtrack DLC is listed.)
  • Joe Danger 2: Undead Movie Pack (DLC)
  • PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures
  • Startopia
  • Urban Chaos

Early Access games:

  1. SolForge

Software programs:

  1. ACDSee 15


No F2P titles or pre-releases.

¹The "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Special Editions" listed above is not shown. It never was. There is now (since October 2013) a separate regional version for the US market that is listed. That one is 232670. The still unlisted one is 206740.

If/when any are fixed, I will cross them off, but for historical purposes will remain listed.
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