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Post MySims.

Here is the official MySims readme file.

Readme document

Version 1.0

(c) 2008 Electronic Arts, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Table of Contents
Digital Retail Installation
System Requirements
Requirements for Online Play
Online Play
- Registering an EA Online Account
- Logging in to MySims
- Chat Functions
- Package Files
Keyboard Shortcuts
Performance Tips
Known Issues
-Windows Vista Issues
-Video Card Issues
-Unsupported Video Cards
Customer Support
-Online FAQ's
-Ending Background tasks
-Manually Install

Please contact the digital retailer through whom you purchased this game for instructions on how to install the game or how to download and reinstall another copy of the game.
Note: If you'd like additional information about your game as well as tips and patches please visit or

* Windows XP: 1.5 GHz processor
* Windows Vista: 2.4 GHz processor
* Note: Older Celeron processors, from before 2004, are below the minimum requirements.
* Windows XP: 256 MB RAM
* Windows Vista: 512 MB RAM
* Windows(R) Vista SP1 or Windows XP SP2 Operating System.
* At least 3 GB of additional hard drive space
* Keyboard and 100% Microsoft compatible mouse
* Direct X certified sound card
* DirectX is required and the game will install/update it if necessary. Installation/update of DirectX is not optional.

Supported video cards:

Windows XP supported cards
NVIDIA: GeForce 4 MX series and above
ATI: Radeon 8500 and above
Intel: Integrated Graphics 945 and above

Windows Vista supported cards
NVIDIA: GeForce 7 series and above
ATI: Radeon X1600 series and above
Intel: Integrated Graphics X3000 and above

MySims features an optional online play component. After reaching Star Level 2 the ability to travel to the Garden via the train station and play online with friends is unlocked.
* You need to have a valid EA Online Account. You also need to entitle your EA Online Account with the serial number of your copy of the game. It is important to note that each serial number is unique and can only be used once. So you should choose your EA Online Account carefully.
* High speed internet access such as broadband cable and DSL is required. Dial-up internet speed is not supported.
* The following TCP/UDP ports are required:
- 18130
- 18135
- 10000


Registering an EA Online Account
Check the “Register Now!” box during the installation process. Or click on the “Create New Account” button on the “Login” screen if you are already playing the game.
You will be directed to the EA Online Account's registration process on your web browser.

Logging into MySims
* Load a saved game and use Spacebar to open the Game Menu and choose “Login to MySims” or go to the train station’s ticket machine and choose to visit a Garden online
* Enter your EA Online Account’s name and password then select the green checkmark in the lower right of the Login Box to confirm.
* If you have not entitled your EA Online Account with the serial number of your copy of the game, you will be prompted to do so the first time you login to MySims.
* If you have not previously created a Persona name you will be prompted to do so as well. Choose your Persona name carefully as it cannot be changed.
* Please note that while you can login at anytime, you cannot access the Garden to play online with your friends until your save slot is at Star Level 2.

Chat Functions
The Chat only exists when the Player is logged online and is visiting the Garden online.

There are three basic chat commands:
/me - Use this to make custom action text, or a custom emote
/t - use this to send a private message to a friend
/r - use this to reply to a private message from a friend

Emotes will display the Player's name followed by descriptive text and an associated animation.

Package Files
Constructed Objects may be packaged and shared with friends.
To make a package file:
1. Go to the Workshop in game and build any object.
2. Exit the workshop, the object will now be in your Sim's Backpack.
3. Open the Backpack and click on the Constructed Object you would like to package.
4. Select Package.
5. Confirm that you want to Package the selected Object.
If Packaging succeeds you will receive a message telling where the file was Packaged and the name of your file. Package Files default save to the Outbox folder in the MySims user data.
Package Files may be shared with friends.
To add a Package File to your game put the Package File into the Inbox in your MySims user data. Next time the game is launched this Object will appear in your Backpack.

Keyboard Shortcuts
WASD and Arrow Keys - Movement in World, Block rotation in Create-A-Thing and Create-A-Building
Number Pad 8 and 2 - Zoom in, Zoom Out
Number Pad 4 and 6 - Rotate Camera
T - open Task Book
G - open My Stuff
B - open Backpack
V - open/close Map
C - Camera Snap to face straight
Z - Cycle through Object Interactions
Esc - close Menus
Enter - close a dialog box with only one option, confirm selected action
Spacebar - Pause Menu
F1 - take Photo

In the Garden when Signed Online only:
Tab - Open/Hide Chat Window

In Create-A-Thing (Workshop) only:
1 - Ghost Image toggle
2 - Snap Mode toggle
3 - Slide-under Mode toggle

When you run MySims for the first time, the game will automatically configure its graphics options based on your machine's specs. If game performance seems sluggish or choppy, there are a few things you can try to improve things:

* Make sure your computer meets the game's system requirements (see above). If you do not meet these requirements, the game is unlikely to run acceptably.
* Adding RAM to your system is an efficient way to improve performance.
* Defragment your hard drive regularly for optimal disk performance (Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Disk Defragmenter).
* System performance will get worse if your hard drive becomes more than 85% full. Try to keep enough free disk space.


On Windows Vista, your game data is stored in a different place. Instead of being in a My Documents folder, your game data will be saved in your Documents folder (usually: C:\Users\<username>\Documents)

If you are having problems running on Vista, please check with your graphics card manufacturer for the latest drivers.

Vista requires a DirectX 9 compatible video card. While older cards may run just fine, they are unsupported and drivers may not be updated.

Here are some of the known issues:
* There are known text drawing issues with some Intel graphics chipsets on Vista when using older drivers. Check with your manufacturer to update to the latest drivers.
* Sim glasses may occasionally turn white on the NVIDIA GeForce 6800 on Windows Vista. This is a known driver issue and may be fixed with newer drivers.
* GeForce 7000 series cards may have the following graphical issue on Windows Vista: if graphics quality is set to high when switching to windowed mode, the player model will have an oversized black head that is disconnected from its body. This is a known driver issue and may be fixed with newer drivers. The game should not exhibit this issue when running in fullscreen mode.

* GeForce 4 MX: Character faces in Create-A-Sim (CAS) are missing some textures.

The following cards do not run well at higher resolutions. To improve game performance set the screen resolution to 800x600 and set the "Quality" graphical setting to "Low."
* NVIDIA: GeForce 4 MX 420, GeForce FX 5200, GeForce 6200 TurboCache series
* ATI: Radeon 8500 series, Radeon 92x0 (non-PRO) series, Radeon X300 (Xpress 200)

If your have an unsupported graphics card, MySims may fail to run or may run with poor performance and/or unknown visual artifacts.

Examples of unsupported video cards are:

NVIDIA GeForce 3
NVIDIA Quadro 4
ATI Radeon 7000
ATI Rage 128
S3 Chrome
Matrix Parhelia
SiS Xabre, 300/305/315, Mirage

* Video Problem tip: If you are seeing graphical problems not described here it is always best to go to your video card or computer manufacturer's website and make sure you have installed the latest drivers for your hardware.


Installation and DVD troubleshooting
Online FAQ:

How do I update my Video Card drivers?
Online FAQ:

What do I do if I get a 'nv4_disp' error, or crash to a blue screen?
Online FAQ:

SecuROM Information
Online FAQ:

SecuROM Troubleshooting
What is SecuROM?
SecuROM is a copy control system implemented by software publishers to protect their intellectual property. You can find general information about SecuROM at
Online FAQ:

If you receive one of the following errors when launching the game you may need assistance with SecuROM.

Error: xxxx (four digit error code such as 7001 or 4001)
Error: DVD Emulation Software Detected
Error: A required security module cannot be activated. This program cannot be executed
Error: This program cannot be executed
Error: Please insert the Original Disk, not a back up

The most efficient way for us to assist is to have you produce an analysis file for evaluation. In order to generate this analysis file, please do the following:

Windows XP Users:
1. Make sure the computer is connected to the internet.
2. Restart your computer (the reboot is to assure that there are no additional instances of the software running when generating the file).
Note: If you purchased the EA Download Manager version of the game, you may need to log into the EADM with the EA account you have registered to the game before running the analysis. After logging into the EADM continue with the steps below.
3. Click the Start button (Windows button for Windows Vista) on the Windows Taskbar.
4. Click My Computer (Computer for Windows Vista).
5. Double-click the Local Disk (by default, this should be the C:\ drive).
6. Double-click the “Program Files” folder
7. Double-click the "Electronic Arts" folder.
8. Double-click the game's folder (MySims).
9. Double-click the Bin folder.
10. Right-click the mysims.exe and click Launch Analysis.
11. A disclaimer window will appear on your screen; click Yes.
12. Another window may appear stating that an analysis log will be generated, if so click OK. If any error messages appear, click Cancel to continue.
13. After a period of time, the program will generate a file named AnalysisLog.sr0 and place it at the root of your hard drive (usually C:\). When the file has been generated, a dialog may appear stating it has finished.
14. Click OK to complete the process. (If the prompt re-appears to start the analysis again, click No.)
15. To locate the generated file, repeat steps 3, 4, and 5.

Vista Users:
Follow the steps outlined above. Using Vista the file will be stored in the following path on the user's desktop:

You will then want to go to and click on "Contact Us". You will then log into the support site, and submit your Analysis file as an attachment to your question. Please make sure that when submitting your question you give as detailed report of your issue as possible in the area provided.

How do I end my background tasks?
Online FAQ:
To close unnecessary programs and processes on Windows XP, or Vista Right-click a blank space on the Windows Taskbar and select Task Manager.

Follow these steps to close unnecessary programs:
Click the Applications tab to view the list of active programs.
Click on any program listed in this window and click the End Task button.
Repeat the previous instructions until all programs have been closed.

Follow these steps to close unnecessary processes:
Click the Processes tab to view the list of active processes.
Click the User Name column header to organize the processes by login.
Click on any program listed next to your Windows login, other than EXPLORER.EXE and TASKMGR.EXE, then select the End Process button.
(Warning: Do not close any processes running under SYSTEM, LOCAL SERVICE, or NETWORK SERVICE.)
Repeat the previous instructions until all programs associated to your Windows Login are closed except for the following two:

How can I manually install the game if a normal installation doesn't work?
If you are having trouble installing the game, you may try a manual installation. Make sure to follow the steps below exactly as they read, or else the install may not work.

Double-click My Computer.
Right-click on the Local Disk C and choose Open.
Right-click inside the window and select New, and then Folder.
Name the folder Disk Images it is important that the name has a space in it.
Double-Click the new Disk Images folder to open it.
Right-click inside the window and select New, and then Folder.
Name this folder Disk1.
It is important to note there must not be a space between "Disk" and the number.
Insert MySims into your DVD drive and if the Autoplay feature starts, cancel it.
Double-click My Computer to open it.
Right-click on your DVD drive and choose Open.

When you see the contents of the disk in the Window, click on Edit at the top of the window and choose Select All.
All the contents of the disk should now be highlighted, click on Edit at the top of the window again and choose Copy.
Open the Disk1 folder you created under C:\Disk Images; click on Edit at the top of the window and choose Paste. This will copy the contents of the DVD into the Disk1 folder.

Once the disk has been copied, remove ALL DVDs from any drives.
Open the Disk1 folder under Disk Images and double-click on autorun.exe to start the installation.
To save disk space, you can delete the Disk Images folders after the installation has completed.

If you receive an error whilst copying the files this means the disk is either damaged or defective.
If the disk is clean with no visible scratches/damage, you should exchange your copy for a new one through the store of purchase or our Warranty Department.

Trouble Shooting
Game Fails to Start After Graphics Hardware has Been Changed:

If the graphics hardware on the computer is changed and the game fails to start, the game configuration file should be deleted.
The next time the game is run, it will default to a standard resolution and the user will have the opportunity to save new graphics options appropriate for the new hardware.
The game configuration file is located in the user’s “My Documents\Electronic Arts\MySims\GameConfig.ini.”
Please note that the configuration file must never be edited directly. It is generated when the user chooses to save the game configuration from the Game Options menu.

Thanks for playing MySims!
The MySims Team
The Sims Label
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MySims, mysims readme file

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