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Post Aliens versus Predator.

Here is the official Aliens versus Predator readme file.

************************************************** *********************


************************************************** *********************

About This Document:

This document contains last-minute information about Aliens versus Predator, if you have any questions, check to see if it is addressed here first.
************************************************** **********************



The following information is the minimum hardware requirement needed to run Aliens vs. Predator.

Pentium 200 MMX, 32 MB RAM
Windows 95/98
300MB Hard Disk space
Direct3D Supported 3D Graphics Card, at least 4MB video memory.
DirectSound compatible sound card.
Mouse, Keyboard and any DirectX supported controllers
Internet access (only required for multi-player games), TCP/IP, IPX LAN Card or minimum 33.6 kbps modem.

Aliens versus Predator requires DirectX 6 or higher to run properly. If you already have DirectX 6 choose no when prompted during the installation. Should you decide to install it at a later time you can run the DXSETUP program located in the DirectX folder on Aliens versus Predator, Disc 1.


Here is a list of some of the known technical problems you might encounter.

Graphics Cards:

Aliens versus Predator detects multiple Graphics cards and the resolution settings they are capable of. Although the user can select the highest resolution setting possible, the game may not be able to run due to memory limitations on the video card. For example: users with only one Voodoo2 card will be see the option to select 1024 x 768, but will not be able to play the game in this resolution. In order to run at that resolution two Voodoo2 cards are needed. To fix this simply select the next resolution down until you find one which will work.

ATI RAGE128 chipsets:

With the drivers that shipped with some cards, there may be graphical corruption such as in the Main Menu. The game may also crash when the user tries to enter the game. ATI Technologies is aware of this problem and there are drivers that correct it. Go to to obtain the latest drivers.

Nvidia Riva128 chipsets:

Aliens versus Predator makes use of blend modes that are not simultaneously supported by the Riva chipset. Nvidia is aware of this problem and are looking into providing support with new drivers. Go to to obtain the latest drivers.

Sound Cards:

Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live:

Currently when exiting the game, windows 95/98 will sometimes crash with a blue screen error message. This problem has been corrected and Creative Labs will release a new driver that corrects this problem. Go to


Logitech Mouse with 3rd button mouse wheel - when trying to assign a key to the middle mouse button, it may assign this function to "Mouse1" or "Mouse2". To function as a third mouse button "Mouse3" make sure that you have the latest drivers from Logitech ( Also access the Windows Control Panel and double-click Mouse (Click Start, Settings, Control Panel, Mouse) to access Logitech Mouse Properties and click on the buttons tab. Go into the "Button Assignment 2" menu and select "Middle Button". This will enable the 3rd mouse button within Aliens versus Predator.

Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback Controllers:

Although these controllers function without any known problems, Force Feedback is not currently supported in Aliens versus Predator.

NOTE: Make sure you have installed the most recent drivers for all your hardware before playing Aliens Versus Predator, this will help avoid most issues.

Windows 95/98 Issues:

When pressing ALT+TAB and/or the Windows Key on keyboards Aliens versus Predator will minimize. Problems may occur when minimizing Single and Multiplayer games so this is NOT recommended.

Because Alien Vs Predator is using Red Book audio (CD music) there is an occasional pause when ever the CD seeks to a new track. This is a general Windows problem, there is no work around for this.


Question: I'm getting low frame rate when playing Aliens vs. Predator what's wrong?

a) Did you try defragging your hard drive before installing Aliens versus Predator?
b) Do you have multiple applications running in the background on WIN 95/98? Check your taskbar and see if applications can be closed or disabled like Virus Scanners and other utilities in Windows. Programs running in your task bar use system resources, to check your system resources, right click your mouse over the My Computer icon, select properties, Performance, if it's less than 80% you may encounter some problems.
c) Select a lower screen resolution setting in the game.
d) Did you set all the Details Settings to Very Low or Off?

Question: I put in the Music CD but I'm not hearing any background music.

a) Is autoplay enabled for your CD-ROM? If so, chances are that Windows Music Player or other Audio player was initiated. This frequently occurs when the Music CD is inserted before executing Aliens versus Predator. Simply exit out of the audio player before starting Aliens vs. Predator.
b) Check and make sure that the CD Volume Slider in Aliens versus Predator is all the way to the right. If you still don't hear any music while your in the game, exit out to Windows and go into the Control Panel (Start, Setting, Control Panel). Now double click the Multimedia Icon and select the "CD Music" tab. Make sure that the volume slider is all the way to the right.
c)If your machine has multiple CD-ROM drives (CD-Writers, DVD-ROMS) they are sometimes selected as the main audio source. Even though systems may play music CD's just fine when not playing the game, make sure you assign the correct Drive letter to be your source drive to hear in-game music. You can do this by going to the Start Menu, Settings, Control Panel, Multimedia. Now select the CD-Music tab and change the drive letter accordingly to where you placed your music CD.

Question: My game keeps pausing for a second, what's going on?

a)Because Alien versus Predator uses Red Book audio (CD music), there is an occasional pause whenever the CD seeks to a new track. This is a general Windows problem, there is no known work around for this.

Question: What can I do if the game is too dark?.

a) By nature the Alien versus Predator environments are meant to be dark and scary. Certain sections of the game are designed to be so dark that you are forced to use different vision modes to compensate. If you are having trouble seeing things generally you will find a gamma correction utility in the Video Options menu in the game. Try different settings until you find one you like.


Aliens Versus Predator has an eight player maximum limit. Because of the amount of information being transferred some lower end machines might experience lag and very choppy game play. Some things can be done to help this, however, the basis of a fast game is still dependant on the host's machine speed. The faster the machine the better the play.
To compensate for laggy network play the host can designate several resource-saving options. When you get ready to host a multi-player game, there is a large list of options for tweaking, every machine is different and responds better or worse to specific changes. Things like locking out the use of the flamethrower will help reduce slow down on all machines. We recommend trying out different settings until you find the one that best fits you machine.


In the rare case that you should receive a defective disc or discs, you should first attempt to return it to the store from which you bought it, taking with you your receipt. If, however, you fail in your quest, you can write to us, call us or email us at the following locations.

Fox Interactive
P.O. Box 900
Beverly Hills, Ca 90213-0900

Or call 970-522-5369

For more information visit our web site.

Fox Interactive would like to thank you for purchasing this title.
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