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Here is the official DRIVER readme file.

Driver PC

Software Requirements:

Full installation of DirectX 6 required.
Full installation of DirectMedia required.

System Requirements:

System: Pentium 200 Mhz ( 266 or higher recommended )
Windows 95/98
32 Mbytes RAM ( 64 Mbytes or higher recommended )
Direct Sound Compatible Sound Card

Installation uses 188 Mbytes Hard disk space
3D card supporting 3dfx Glide or D3d

Peripheral Support:
Joysticks and Steering Wheels
with Force Feedback support

The default installation location is:

C:\Program Files\GT Interactive\Driver\

The disc will auto-run, giving you the option of: Install DirectX, DirectMedia, Setup, Exit.

If the disk does not auto run, use Windows Explorer to read the CD ROM files so you can you can then run Install.exe

If Install.exe fails the installation of the Game can be started by clicking on Setup.exe

Click the setup icon displayed on the CD.
Follow the Install Wizard and specify the installation directory.
After installation, from the Start Menu follow the path to the installation directory and select "Configuration"
Then from the same point you can now chose "Driver" to run the game "Uninstall" is also available.

The Game supports FMV. These are played between some Missions in the UnderCover Game and when the game first runs. NOTE: They can be switched OFF from the Options menu.

Any setting made in the game are saved out on exiting to the Config.dat files which resides in the "Driver" folder of the installation. This file saves your preferences and is used as a default the next time you run the game.

Title screen is the first menu.

Use left/right cursor keys or Controller to navigate the menu. The highlight changes and the Menu selection Text is displayed at bottom of the screen.

A menu of graphical detail options, allowing you to reduce the polygon count, transparency effects and/or level of real-time lighting to optimize the performance of the game for any given machine.

Shadows (Off/Low/Full)
Low - has no subdivision of polygons used for the car's shadow, this will sort poorly on sidewalk kerbs.

Smoke (On/Off)

Debris (On/Off)

Lensflare (On/Off)

LightFlares (On/Off)

Rear view Mirror (On/Off)

Mirror Viewing Distance (sliding bar)

Pedestrian Density (sliding bar)

Night Brightness (sliding bar)

Shiny Cars (On/Off)
Environment mapping on cars nearly doubles the polygon count on a given car, which effects frame rate. Turn this on or off to suit your PC performance.

Colored Cars (On/Off)
Some cards do not have palette support.

Tyre Tracks (Off/flat/full)
Full is textured, flat is just coloured.

Real-time lighting (Player/Full/Ultra)
Real-time lighting is applied to street lights/player car head lights/police flashing lights.
Ultra applies all these effects for the complete maximum viewing/clipping distances.

Overlap map (On/Off)

Fog (On/Off)
A fogging effect is visible in some UnderCover Missions only when using the Glide drivers this option disables fog.

Transparent water (On/Off)
In addition the following are available in-game from the PAUSED Menu (whilst playing hit <ESC> to utilize this menu.

Sound Setup

We have noticed that on some sound cards, using the force feedback results in loss of frame rate. This is a problem recognized by Microsoft and some help can be found on their website. We recommend using the latest drivers and installing any patch/fixes which Microsoft offer in an attempt to fix this problem.


For more information see:

The following is a more detailed list of the sound options menu in the game.

Device Primary Sound Drivers/Aureal - Vortex Direct Sound
The game is 3D sound compatible with the Aureal system.

Compatibility (Max Performance/Med Performance/ Max Compatibility)
Environmental Audio EAX (On/Off)
Effects (On/Off)
Music (On/Off)
Doppler Effect (On/Off)
Mixer (8 bit/16 bit)
Frequency (44100 Hz/ 22050Hz)
Speakers (Quadraphonic/Stereo/Surround/Mono/Headphone)
Effects Volume (Slider)
Music Volume (Slider)

Change the following menu settings to best suit your machine's specification and performance.

Gfx detail-MaxFrameRate (Off/10fps/12fps/16fps/25fps/50fps/Auto )
The Auto setting activates interpolation which means the game will skip displaying frames to maintain the 50 fps game speed.


ATI Rage 128 (Fury ) used with the graphics drivers supplied as of 8th September 1999 will not play the FMV movies of the Driver Game.

Using Voodoo3 2000 with 3dfx drivers has been reported to cause the game to lock when game is minimized to task bar. Not the case for Voodoo 1 or Voodoo2 cards. And not the case if the game is configured to use Primary Direct 3D drivers.


September 1999
Driver Team
Reflections Interactive
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