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Post State of Decay 2 must know tips & tactics.

Here are some important tips and tricks one should learn, know and practice from the very start.
  • When ascending ladders, hold the shift key to speed up climbing - conversely, when descending, hold shift to do so even faster, commando style.
  • Visit the Bounty Broker as soon as you are able to, after starting a new game, to start earning credit towards your active bounties.
  • You should use fast search, regardless of stealth skill or crash chance, when at reasonable heights. (ie: towers and rooftops) Zombies won't hear sound when far enough above them.
  • Use vehicles to block/barricade all but one entrance to your base, to funnel any attacks/sieges through a single entry point of your choosing.
  • As long as you have fuel resources you can "xx can"
  • Keep any vehicle upgrade kits in the boot of cars (extra, collected ones) in case you fear accidental usage via the "xx"
  • A perhaps world exclusive tip for clearing an infestation - preferably without Juggernauts, but doable, just way more risky and/or time consuming. Use a, preferably compact/fast/with siren, vehicle to drive around the infested building until the screamer(s) come outside -which they inevitably do- and run them down. ie; Use a preferably in good condition and fueled enough vehicle (police car is best) to drive around the infested building with the sirens on. Many zombies will come at you from all directions, but just keep moving around the infested building. When the screamers shamble outside, and you have safe opportunity, run them over and the infestation will end. On higher difficulties you may have to drive a bunch in reverse, for obvious reasons.
  • If your influence, which maxes at 9999 accumulated points, starts overflowing, simply spend some of it on, preferably, respec books at 1500 influence a piece, or visit the Bounty Broker and buy and rebuy sexy items. Spending some of it and keeping the rest at around eight thousand, also helps psychologically. If you no longer "need" influence points, you may not feel like doing certain tasks or even killing freaks, unless absolutely necessary. Apart from that, think of your purchased items as "invested" influence points. If you ever need to spend most of what you have, you can get a lot of it back by trading those many extras you have been "parking" influence points into.
  • ..
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