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Post My custom AutoHotkey scripts.

I have been an AutoHotkey user for many, many years. It's now time for a dedicated thread relating to the use of AutoHotkey. I will catalog the scripts I use for some games, along with some, perhaps colorful, commentary.


The following code maps the middle mouse button/scrollwheel to act as the ingame move forward key. The game settings did not allow this.
The following code maps the ingame R (reload weapon) key to a mouse side button. The game settings did not allow this.
The following maps the left ALT key to act as if pressing two keys. More specifically, this game is one of those "try hard" fuckshits that tries to be too clever for its own good and utilize a two tier weapon zoom. You use one key for "hip" zoom, and another key (whilst holding both) to switch to an ironsights view. You're forced to press -and hold- two keys, in sequence, to get the ironsights view. Ingame you would press, in my specific case, left ALT and whilst holding it pressed, the F key. Holding two fucking keys (whilst also moving around and/or doing other ingame things - meaning I'm also pressing/using other keys and/or the mouse) to get the ironsight view for a weapon. Morons. Hideo Kojima is a tryhard fucktard. (Update: The below code no longer, strictly required, as the game does have a reasonable answer - Options > Control Settings > Keep Aim Viewpoint > On)
KeyWait, LAlt, T0.1
If ErrorLevel
	Send {Blind}{f DownR}
	KeyWait, LAlt
	Send {Blind}{f Up}
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AutoHotkey, AutoHotkey scripts

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