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Talking Interesting or amusing quotes I personally come across.

Today I logged onto an old 250GB USB drive that contains backups from 2010. For fun, I looked around, etc, and also loaded some old webpage files from past website designs. One was a "quotes" page I used to have. I still like it, plenty, so I will reproduce it here, anew, and even add to it from time to time, if I remember and have compatible data.

"sage386" (a StarForce employer/founder) from the official ex StarForce forums:
If you cannot make SF copy, consider this because you don't know how to make it.

Paul Dawson (US teacher explaining why he's not racist):
Can you lend a nigga a pencil ?

"wanker" from the official ex StarForce forums:
somehow my reply got deleted.. so i'll just repost it

Derek Smart on the Adrenaline Vault forums:
Look, I'm a millionaire who owns a lot of assets...

"zvejys" from the forums:
...gamers are desperate people.

Roberth Sharp from the Quarter To Three forums:
It takes work to be a PC gamer, and it takes knowledge of computers.

"rlsuth" from the Quarter To Three forums:
Sounds like the people in the gaming industry are making way too much money. Are the pirates stopping them from affording a small country or something?

Igor Muravyev from the Quarter To Three forums:
People want to download shows. The best way happens to be the pirate's way.

"ward_rb" from the Titan forums:
the fact of the matter is pirates have ruined pc gaming.

"Shadarr" from the PlanetCrap forums (discussing GTA4):
The only people who will wait for the PC version are pirates and PC zealots.

"Telefrog" from the Quarter To Three forums:
There's a level of PC knowledge required to successfully game at the mid to high end that most people don't ever want to get into.

Female pedestrian in GTA IV:
Fuck me sideways.
Fuck my love puddle.

"caesarbear" from the Quarter To Three forums:
PC Gaming obviously isn't for the masses.

"Not One Of Us" from the Quarter To Three forums:
Thank God for pirates..

"Cowboy" from No Man's Land: Fight For Your Rights! PC game:
Yippie ka-ya-yay pigface
I don't need no saddle - I just sit on my nutsack
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