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Thumbs up 100+ Hollywood movies on DVD!

For sale are the following DVD movies:

All are original movies in mint condition with retail packaging.

Movie title, Format, Region, Rating, Running time, Studio, Price in AUD.

Cruel Intentions (DVD, R4, MA15+, 94m) [Columbia Pictures] $20

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (DVD, R4, MA15+,97m) [Columbia Pictures] $10

Natural Born Killers (DVD, R4, R18+, 121) [Universal Studios] $10

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (DVD, R4, R18+, 161m) [MGM] $10

Taxi Driver (DVD, R4, R18+, 110m) [Columbia Pictures] $10

Clockwork Orange (DVD, R4, R18+, 131m) [Warner Bros.] $x

Heat (DVD, R4, MA15+, 164m) [Warner Bros.] $x

Eyes Wide Shut (DVD, R4, R18+, 153m) [Warner Bros.] $x

Scarface (DVD, R4, R18+, 163m) [Universal Studios] $x

Papillon (DVD, R4, M15+, 145m) [Columbia Pictures] $x

Pulp Fiction (DVD, R4, R18+, 148m) [Roadshow Entertainment] $x

Saving Private Ryan (DVD, R4, MA15+, 163m) [Paramount Pictures] $x

Scary Movie (DVD, R4, MA15+, 85m) [Roadshow Entertainment] $x

Halloween (DVD, R4, R18+, 93m) [Infogrames] $x

Halloween II (DVD, R4, R18+, 92m) [Infogrames] $x

Toy Story (DVD, R4, G, 80m) [Disney/Pixar] $x

Toy Story 2 (DVD, R4, G, 94m) [Disney/Pixar] $x

Heavy Metal 2000 (DVD, R4, MA15+, 85m) [Columbia Tristar] $x

Rocky (DVD, R4, PG, 115m) [United Artists] $x

The Silence of the Lambs (DVD, R4, MA15+, 115m) [MGM] $x

The Castle of Cagliostro (DVD, R2/R4, PG, 109m) [Madman Entertainment] $x

Striptease (DVD, R4, MA15+, 112m) [Warner Bros.] $x

I Know What You Did Last Summer (DVD, R4, MA15+, 100m) [Roadshow Entertainment] $x

True Lies (DVD, R4, M15+, 135m) [Columbia Tristar] $x

Sleepy Hollow (DVD, R4, MA15+, 102m) [Roadshow Entertainment] $x

Casino (DVD, R4, R18+, 171m) [Columbia Tristar] $x

American Pie (DVD, R4, MA15+, 96m) [Columbia Tristar] $x

American Pie 2 (DVD, R4, MA15+, 106m) [Columbia Tristar] $x

Halloween III (DVD, R4, M15+, 96m) [Infogrames] $x

The Matrix (DVD, R4, M15+, 131m) [Roadshow Entertainment] $x

8MM (DVD, R4, R18+, 119m) [Columbia Tristar] $x

Psycho (DVD, R4, M15+, 100m) [Columbia Tristar] $x

The Shawshank Redemption (DVD, R4, MA15+, 136m) [Roadshow Entertainment] $x

South Park - Bigger, Longer & Uncut (DVD, R4, MA15+, 78m) [Warner Bros.] $x

A Bug's Life (DVD, R4, G, 91m) [Disney/Pixar] $x

Bowfinger (DVD, R4, M15+, 93m) [Columbia Tristar] $x

Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo (DVD, R4, M15+, 85m) [Touchstone Pictures] $x

Shallow Hal (DVD, R4, M15+, 108m) [20th Century Fox] $x

Evil Woman (DVD, R4, M15+, 92m) [Roadshow Entertainment] $x

Not Another Teen Movie (DVD, R4, MA15+, 85m) [Columbia Tristar] $x

Tomb Raider (DVD, R4, M15+, 97m) [Paramount Pictures] $x

Carlito's Way (DVD, R4, MA15+, 138m) [Columbia Tristar] $x

Die Hard (DVD, R4, M15+, 126m) [20th Century Fox] $x

Predator (DVD, R4, M15+, 103m) [20th Century Fox] $x

Antz (DVD, R4, PG, 80m) [DreamWorks] $x

The Terminator (DVD, R4, M15+, 102m) [MGM] $x

Futurama Season One (DVD, R4, PG, 92/115/92m) [20th Century Fox] $39.95

Futurama Season Two (DVD, R4, PG, ??/??/??/??m) [20th Century Fox] $39.95

Futurama Season Three (DVD, R4, PG, ??/??/??/??m) [20th Century Fox] $39.95

Futurama Season Four (DVD, R4, PG, ??/??/??/??m) [20th Century Fox] $39.95

Conan The Barbarian (DVD, R4, MA15+, 125m) [20th Century Fox] $

Conan The Destroyer (DVD, R4, M15+, 96m) [20th Century Fox] $

The Big Hit (DVD, R4, MA15+, 88m) [Columbia Tristar] $

Reservior Dogs (DVD, R4, R18+, 94m) [Magna Pacific] $

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (DVD, R4, R18+, ??m) [Force Video] $

The Great Escape (DVD, R4, PG, 172m) [20th Century Fox] $

Road Trip (DVD, R4, MA15+, 94m) [DreamWorks] $

Action Jackson (DVD, R4, R18+, 92m) [Warner Bros.] $

Cobra (DVD, R4, R18+, 97m) [Warner Bros.] $

Charlie's Angels (DVD, R4, M15+, 94m) [Columbia Tristar] $

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (DVD, R4, M15+, 103m) [Columbia Tristar] $

The Simpsons Season One (DVD, R4, G, ???m) [20th Century Fox] $

The Simpsons Season Two (DVD, R4, PG, ???m) [20th Century Fox] $

The Simpsons Season Three (DVD, R4, PG, ???m) [20th Century Fox] $

The Simpsons Season Four (DVD, R4, PG, 506m) [20th Century Fox] $

The Simpsons Season Five (DVD, R1, NR, 506m) [20th Century Fox] $

The Simpsons Season Six (DVD, R1, NR, 565m) [20th Century Fox] $

The Simpsons Season Seven (DVD, R1, NR, 571m) [20th Century Fox] $

The Simpsons Season Eight (DVD, R1, NR, 570m) [20th Century Fox] $

The Simpsons Season Nine (DVD, R1, NR, 570m) [20th Century Fox] $

The Simpsons Season Ten (DVD, R1, NR, 524m) [20th Century Fox] $

Austin Powers Collection (DVD, R4, M15+, 91/92/91m) [Roadshow Entertainment] $

Day of the Dead (DVD, R4, R18+, 102m) [Force Video] $

Finding Nemo (DVD, R4, G, 97m) [Disney/Pixar] $

Office Space (DVD, R4, M15+, 86m) [20th Century Fox] $

The Birdcage (DVD, R4, M15+, 119m) [MGM] $

The Lion King (DVD, R4, G, 85m) [Disney] $

Six Degrees of Separation (DVD, R4, M15+, 107m) [MGM] $

Boogie Nights (DVD, R4, R18+, 155m) [Roadshow Entertainment] $

The Man Who Would Be King (DVD, R4, PG, 124m) [Columbia Tristar] $

Seinfeld Season 1 & 2 (DVD, R4, M15+, 420m) [Columbia Tristar] $

Seinfeld Season 3 (DVD, R4, M15+, 484m) [Columbia Tristar] $

Seinfeld Season 4 (DVD, R1, NR, 552m) [Sony Pictures] $

Seinfeld Season 5 (DVD, R1, NR, 498m) [Sony Pictures] $

Seinfeld Season 6 (DVD, R1, NR, 551m) [Sony Pictures] $

Seinfeld Season 7 (DVD, R1, NR, 541m) [Sony Pictures] $

Seinfeld Season 8 (DVD, R1, NR, 506m) [Sony Pictures] $

Seinfeld Season 9 (DVD, R1, NR, 553m) [Sony Pictures] $

Rain Man (DVD, R4, M15+, 128m) [MGM] $

A Fish Called Wanda (DVD, R4, M15+, 108m) [MGM] $

Terminator 2 Extreme (DVD, R1, R, 152m) [Artisan] $

South Park - Season One (DVD, R1, NR, 310m) [Paramount Pictures] $

South Park - Season Two (DVD, R1, NR, 404m) [Paramount Pictures] $

South Park - Season Three (DVD, R1, NR, 374m) [Paramount Pictures] $

South Park - Season Four (DVD, R1, NR, 380m) [Paramount Pictures] $

South Park - Season Five (DVD, R1, NR, 315m) [Paramount Pictures] $

South Park - Season Six (DVD, R1, NR, 374m) [Paramount Pictures] $

South Park - Season Seven (DVD, R1, NR, 330m) [Paramount Pictures] $

South Park - Season Eight (DVD, R1, NR, 308m) [Paramount Pictures] $

South Park - Season Nine (DVD, R1, NR, 308m) [Paramount Pictures] $

South Park - Season Ten (DVD, R1, NR, 308m) [Paramount Pictures] $

Family Guy - Season One (DVD, R4, M15+, 312m) [20th Century Fox] $

Family Guy - Season Two (DVD, R4, M15+, 333m) [20th Century Fox] $

Family Guy - Season Three (DVD, R4, M15+, 441m) [20th Century Fox] $

Family Guy - Season Four (DVD, R4, MA15+, 299m) [20th Century Fox] $

Family Guy - Season Five (DVD, R4, M, 322m) [20th Century Fox] $

American Beauty (DVD, R4, MA15+, ??m) [DreamWorks] $

Drawn Together - Season One (DVD, R1, NR, 152m) [Paramount Pictures] $20

Drawn Together - Season Two (DVD, R1, NR, 330m) [Paramount Pictures] $20

Rocky Balboa (DVD, R1, PG, 102m) [Columbia Tristar] $20

Caveat emptor:

Please take note that many of these movies require a region free or multi region player. If you intend playing them on a personal computer this point is moot as there are lots of free/commercial/trial software (ie: AnyDVD) that lets you negate the region restrictions.

All purchases can be picked up from 6152, Western Australia or can be delivered free up to 15km from Perth CBD. (Certain conditions may apply.)

All sales are final and payment is strictly cash.

Bundles and possible discounts of any kind are possible. Inquire within.

No responsibility is taken for genuine typographical errors.
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