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Post PerfectDisk 10 readme file.

The official PerfectDisk 10 readme file.

================================================== =================
PerfectDisk 10 v10.00.114 Readme.txt 07/16/2009

================================================== =================
I. Overview
================================================== =================

Thank you for choosing PerfectDisk 10, the fastest and most complete
disk defragmenter ever.

PerfectDisk 10 ensures that your Windows systems maintain the best
performance possible.

PerfectDisk's patented SMARTPlacement™ defragmentation technology
provides fast, efficient and complete defragmentation of even your
largest drives with minimal system resource usage.

As a Certified for Windows application, PerfectDisk maintains your
system performance according to Microsoft's highest standards of
safety and reliability.

PerfectDisk 10 is fully integrated with Active Directory. You can
deploy, patch, schedule and fully control PerfectDisk 10 using the
PerfectDisk 10 administrative template (PerfectDisk10.adm) using Group

Visit for more information

================================================== =================
II. System Requirements
================================================== =================

1. Operating System:
- Windows 2000, SP4 (x86)
(For Windows 2000 based systems, PerfectDisk 10 requires that Update
Rollup 1 for Windows 2000 SP4 be installed before PerfectDisk will
install successfully or run.)
- Windows XP (x86, x64)
- Windows 2003 (x86, x64)
- Windows Home Server (x86, x64)
- Windows Vista (x86, x64)
- Windows 2008 (x86, x64)

2. Memory - 128MB

3. PerfectDisk installs two components in the Windows sub-directories:

\\Windows\System32\PDBoot.exe - This is the only location code can
be run from to perform a boot time defragmentation pass. When
PerfectDisk is uninstalled, this file will be removed.

\\Windows\System32\Drivers\defragFS.sys - this is the standard
location for drivers. This is PerfectDisk's boot time
defragmentation driver. When PerfectDisk is uninstalled, this
file will be removed.

================================================== =================
III. Known limitations
================================================== =================

1. No support for Windows 95/98/Me/NT
No support for Itanium.

2. Supports only NTFS, FAT, FAT32, exFAT drives.

3. Boot time defrag passes may not run if certain third party
drivers are installed. For a list drivers which may effect boot
time defrag see:

================================================== =================
IV. What's new in PerfectDisk 10
================================================== =================
Build 10.00.114 (07/16/2009):

New Features
* Changes to support compatibility between PerfectDisk 10 and PerfectSpeed PC Optimizer.

Bug Fixes
* PDEngine hangs during defragmentation.
* StealthPatrol keeps running after it was disabled.
* Insufficient free space message when performing boot time defrag.
* PerfectDisk 10 connected to PerfectDisk 2008 crashes on "Analyze" operation.
* Settings on some tabs in PerfectDisk Settings are not saved.
* There is no tab for a removable drive on Recycler statistics.
* Recycler and Space Reports run on a removable drive after Removable storage was turned OFF.
* Drive Properties online settings can not be set for multiple drives with minimum values.
* When connecting to remote Virtual Edition PerfectDisk Settings button label is not updated.
* Bottom animation icons shift to the right when PerfectDisk window is maximized.

Build 10.00.110 (06/08/2009):

Bug Fixes
* During a boot-time defrag on an Intel, multi-core, X64 processor, running Windows Vista SP2
or Windows Server 2008 SP2 you may experience a crash after the boot-time defrag completes and
the computer is rebooting. Raxco has confirmed there is a race condition in Windows
if the computer is rebooted during the boot process. Rebooting after the boot-time defrag can trigger this.
The crash however does not occur in Windows 7.
Raxco has worked around this timing condition with this service pack.
* Changes made in McAfee Total Endpoint Protection (SafeBoot) prevent PerfectDisk
from excluding SafeBoot files from defragmentation.
* An excluded file located on system drive root is not reported as Excluded.
* Analyze statistics for a system drive does not list the pagefile.
* Recycler and Space Reports process a removable drive after Removable storage was turned OFF.
* Performance and free space charts do not show date for the latest data point.
* The entire System Volume Information folder does not need to be excluded from defragmentation.
* PerfectDisk.exe crashes in Exchange version after the trial period expires.
* Automatic adjustment of resource thresholds is not working in Virtual Edition version.
* Recycler pane does not preserve drive selection and option selection.
* Remove "Buy Now" link from a fully licensed version.

Build 10.00.108 (04/30/2009):

Bug Fixes
* Add control over Welcome Wizard via Enterprise Console, config.ini and Group Policy.
* A schedule set via Group Policy has time with seconds always equal to minutes.
* Status is not updated when defragmentation was resumed.
* Space Reports graphs are 1 day off.
* Multiple PDAgentS1 processes.
* High CPU usage when selecting a drive with excluded folder.
* A few features are missing when user language is set to Japanese.
* Auto Update file download is not cancelled by Cancel button on Raxco Software Auto Update dialog.
* PerfectDisk for VMware does not provide exclusion list for a virtual machine.
* Duplicates - If Other files selected, doesn't require input of file extension.
* Recycler reports double number of files cleaned in Recycler Bin on Vista.
* List of temporary folders for Recycler once saved never updated.
* Recycler pane does not preserve drive selection and option selection.
* When Recycler run is stopped the results report 0 files cleaned.
* "Can not connect to Exchange.." message on system tray icon launch.
* Exchange pane: label "Storage Group" is missing and Next Run drop-down menu is disabled.
* Send Test Email reports success with all empty fields.
* PD/Settings/Exchange - tab order is not as expected.
* Windows Home Server Plugin uses old PD10 icon.
* Need to have column width persistent in the log viewer.
* Sort indicator does not conform to Windows specifications in a number of column header.
* What do dark blocks mean?
* Daily schedule does not display error "Invalid Maximum duration value".
* Calendar on weekly schedule wizard get truncated when error messages displayed.
* Space Explorer - During Analysis, strange graphics issue is displayed.

Build 10.00.104 (04/01/2009):

Bug Fixes
* Scheduled defragmentation pass causes unwanted "Access bloked by Group Policy" message
when users Group Policy is set to disallow GUI launch.

Build 10.00.103 (03/24/2009):

Bug Fixes
* Tray icon hangs on red.
* PerfectDisk for Exchange shows very slow GUI response when large number of stores.
* Window size/location changes after scheduled defrag.
* Virtual Enterprise Edition - make it smart enough to know when it has been pointed at a computer that is NOT its host.
* StealthPatrol settings are too low.
* Daily schedule does not display error "Invalid Maximum duration value".
* What do dark blocks mean?
* "Connect to remote computer" doesn't support having "." in username.
* Symbolic link causes Duplicate Finder to delete original files.
* Selected Files dialog does not display file system tree for non-system partition.
* Drive table on Recycler tab opens scrolled down.
* Add to config.ini ability to disable check for updates.
* Method of recommended defrag is not correct for exFAT file system.
* Multiple Demo welcome wizards.
* Remove unwanted line from details of Daily schedule.
* Progress bar on File Duplicates pane need some spacing.
* Clicking of defragmentation recommendation button while analyzing causes error.
* StealthPatrol schedules created from Welcome wizard and Auto Pilot have different default period.
* Find File dialog shows a file with no extension with a folder icon.

Build 10.00.100 (02/20/2009):

New Features
* Active Directory management functionality included in PerfectDisk for Exchange.

Bug Fixes
* Fixed crash in Space Explorer on File System tree when user right clicks on an empty space.
* Fixed detection of pagefile on Vista during boot time defrag.
* Consolidate Free Space - running a long time after progress is 100%.
* Close button behavior reverts back to minimize in system tray.
* An additional schedule without name is created when user adds StealthPatrol Schedule.
* PerfectDisk for Exchange - wrong datastore being compacted.
* Unwanted window with Pause button is shown on launch when Group Policy is configured.
* $UsnJrnl:$J data stream is reported as having 0 fragments, even if it's fragmented.
* StealthPatrol Schedule starts immediately upon creation.
* Duplicate search settings return to default after being saved.
* Statistics tab should not be opened for a drive with Defragmenting status.
* Welcome to PerfectDisk wizard keeps defaulting to Desktop computer.
* Space Explorer progress bar labeled with previously run drive/folder.
* Widows Home Server plug-in uses old icon.
* Considerable time is required to open PerfectDisk log.
* Incorrect URL for ‘Ask a Question’ in Product Resources.
* Online defrag on FAT/FAT32 drives does not need to compare directory fragmentation with threshold.
* Open "Using GPMC" page by default if Group Policy Management Console is installed.
* Consolidate Free Space defragmentation ignores threshold settings for a drive.
* Recycler results table can not be resized to show all results.
* Recycler reports double number of files cleaned in Recycler Bin on Vista.
* In StealthPatrol schedule list of important processes make GUI width too big.
* F5 button checks Recycle Bin and Temporary Files checkboxes on Recycler tab.
* ‘Every X weeks’ setting maximum is 99 on welcome wizard.
* Text does not fit on Space Explorer pane.
* Start and Stop buttons of Duplicates Finder pane uses the same tooltip.
* "Exit PerfectDisk" settings does not work on Windows 2000.
* Drive Map context menu needs to be restricted to the drive map area.
* PerfectDisk for Exchange launches with an error when install on a workstation.

Build 10.00.093 (01/12/2009):

- Improved User Interface
More contrast on progress bars and drive map provide a better visual experience.

- Faster drive analyze and defragmentation.
Improvements have been made that result in up to 30% faster analyze and
defragmentation passes.

- New ability to Pause and Resume defragmentation passes.
This allows the user to temporarily pause PerfectDisk to run an application like a game
or burn a dvd and then resume defragmentation without PerfectDisk having to re-analyze
the drive.

- StealthPatrol has been enhanced to allow for automatic adjustment of CPU/Disk thresholds.
This allows StealthPatrol to run when system activity keeps StealthPatrol from running
for an extended period of time.

- Exclusive New Feature - PerfectDisk is now virtualization aware (PerfectDisk Server only).
PerfectDisk is the first ever, centrally manageable defragmentation program that is both aware
of its virtual existence and able to dynamically adjust its resource consumption behavior with
respect to its physical host resource load. PerfectDisk running in a virtual guest environment
can communicate with its virtual host (Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Virtual Server, VMware ESX) to
determine host CPU and disk resource usage and limit guest defragmentation operations in
order to not impact other guests or overload host server.

- PerfectDisk for VMware enhanced to allow scheduling of virtual machine optimization.
Scheduled operation also includes ability to shutdown a running virtual machine prior to
performing the optimization and restart the virtual machine when optimization completes.

- PerfectDisk for Exchange enhanced to allow bulk configuration of temp/working locations.

- New Fragmentation/Free Space Recovered cumulative counters.
PerfectDisk displays how many files have been defragmented and how much free space
has been recovered since PerfectDisk was installed.

- Enhanced integration between the different automated/manual defragmentation methods.
StealthPatrol and Screen Saver defrag methods will no longer keep manual, command line or
defined schedule defragmentation passes from running.

- Enhanced self-diagnostics to detect and repair most common issues with PerfectDisk.

- Enhanced Space Management features.
You can quickly analyze and get a picture of how space is being distributed between file types,
when files were created, oldest files, biggest files; find where files are on disk.

- Enhanced Command Line features.
You can analyze and get statistics through the PerfectDisk command line.

================================================== =================
V. Windows Server 2008 and Vista certification Requirements
================================================== =================
1. Windows Server 2008 Certification Requirement 2.8.2:
* Requirement: Application binaries contain Product Version information.
* Two binaries shipped with PerfectDisk are provided by TrollTech;
QTCore4.dll & QTGui4.dll. As third party binaries they do not contain
the PerfectDisk Product Version.

2. Windows Server 2008 Certification Requirement 3.1.1:
* Requirement: Any binary that does not run as least privileged user must be
* PerfectDisk has two binaries, PDEngine.exe and PDAgent.exe, which are NT Services
running as LocalSystem. As a defragger, PerfectDisk needs administrator
authority to open all files and move them around the disk. Without Admin
authority PerfectDisk would not be able to move most files and which would result
in not being able to defrag the drive.
PDEngine.exe – main defrag engine. This service needs to run while no
user is logged in.
PDAgent.exe – scheduler and communications to remote computers to allow defragging
all systems from a common location. This service and needs to run while no
user is logged in.

3. Windows Server 2008 Certification Requirement 4.4.1:
* Requirement: Debugging symbols/tools must be made available
* If you need to obtain debugging symbols for PerfectDisk 2008,
you will need to submit a request at:

4. Windows Vista Certification Test Case 5:
* Requirement: Application installed executables and files are signed.
* The following files are not signed. These libraries were provided by
third parties. This is an approved exception to test case 5:
Msvcp80.dll - Author: Microsoft
Msvcr80.dll - Author: Microsoft
Msvcm80.dll - Author: Microsoft
Msxml6.dll - Author: Microsoft
QtCore4.dll - Author: TrollTech
QtGui4.dll - Author: TrollTech

5. Windows Server 2008 Certification Requirement 2.11.
* Requirement: Custom Actions used during installation must be documented.
Below is a list of Custom Actions used during installation:

* AutoUpdate - Adds PerfectDisk settings for Auto Update to the Registry HKLM hive on install
Undo: delete from Registry the key HKLM\Software\Raxco\PerfectDisk\10.0\AutoUpdSettin gs
* CancelInstallOnServer - Ensures the Workstation Versions of PerfectDisk 10
will not install on a Server
* CheckForProductUpdates - Checks for product updates following installation
* CloseFirewall - Removes PerfectDisk from Windows Firewall allowed
applications during uninstall
Undo: check list of exceptions in the Windows Firewall,
add/remove PDAgent.exe, PDEngine.exe, PDEnginePS.dll if desired.
* CopyRegistryKey - Migrates PerfectDisk 2008 (v9) registry keys to PerfectDisk 10
Undo: delete from Registry HKLM\Software\Raxco\PerfectDisk key and all subkeys
* DeleteUsersReg - Deletes PerfectDisk keys from Registry HKU hive
on uninstall, reverses UsersReg custom action
* DriverCatalogReg - Registers defragFS.sys driver catalog file
* DriverCatalogUnreg - Unregisters defragFS.sys driver catalog file
* ExcludeFiles - Creates Registry data to exclude certain files from being defragmented
Undo: delete from Registry HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\PDUnmovableFiles
* InstallDefragFS - Installs DefragFS.sys driver
* InstallVstor2Vixmount - Installs vstor2-vixmount driver (VMware, Inc) for PerfectDisk 10 for VMware
* IsDiskMountInstalled - Sets property VMDISKMOUNT if VMware DiskMount utility is installed
* IsHomeserver - Ensures the Windows Home Server version of PerfectDisk 10
will not install on a Server
* ISPrint - Print Scrollable Text to support printing of the License Agreement
* ISSetAllUsers - when installed as an upgrade, the ISSetAllUsers custom action checks
the value of the ALLUSERS property in the installed version.
* LaunchWHSConsole - Launches Windows Home Server Console
* MigratePDExchangeSettings - Migrates PerfectDisk 2008 (V9) registry keys to PerfectDisk 10
Undo: delete from Registry HKLM\Software\Raxco\PerfectDisk10 key and all subkeys
* MigratePDSettings - Migrates PerfectDisk 2008 (V9) registry keys to PerfectDisk 10
Undo: delete from Registry HKLM\Software\Raxco\PerfectDisk10 key and all subkeys
* MigrateVMs - Migrates PerfectDisk 2008 (V9) registry keys to PerfectDisk 10
Undo: delete from Registry HKLM\Software\Raxco\PerfectDisk10 key and all subkeys
* RemoveDefragFS - Uninstalls DefragFS driver.
* RemoveVstor2Vixmount - Uninstalls vstor2-vixmount driver installed by InstallVstor2Vixmount action
* RestoreExcludeFiles - removes registry keys which are used to exclude certain files
from being defragmented.
Undo: add to Registry
HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\PDUnmovableFiles key and
files with filename as a value name and path as a value.
* Rollback_DeleteUsersReg - Delete PerfectDisk keys from Registry HKU hive if installation is interrupted
* Rollback_DriverCatalogReg - Rolls back the DriverCatalogUnReg action if installation is interrupted
* Rollback_DriverCatalogUnreg - Rolls back the DriverCatalogReg action if installation is interrupted
* Rollback_ExcludeFiles - Rolls back the RestoreExcludeFiles action if installation is interrupted
* Rollback_InstallDefragFS - Installs DefragFS driver if uninstallation was interrupted
* Rollback_RemoveDefragFS - Rolls back the InstallDefragFS action if installation is interrupted
* Rollback_RestoreExcludeFiles - Rolls back the ExcludeFiles action if installation is interrupted
* Rollback_StartDefragFS - Rolls back the StoptDefragFS custom action, starts DefragFS driver
* Rollback_StartPDAgent - Rolls back the StopPDAgent action, starts PDAgent service
* Rollback_StartPDEngine - Rolls back the StopPDEngine action, starts PDEngine service
* Rollback_StartPDExchange - Rolls back the StopPDExchange action, starts PDExchange service
* Rollback_StopDefragFS - Rolls back the StartDefragFS custom action, stops DefragFS driver
* Rollback_StopPDAgent - Rolls back the StartPDAgent action, stops PDAgent service
* Rollback_UsersReg - add PerfectDisk keys to Registry HKU hive if uninstallation is interrupted
* SetAgentType - Set PDAgent type as "Interact with desktop" on Windows 2000
* SetDemoLicense - Set Demo License
Undo: delete from Registry HKLM\Software\Raxco\PerfectDisk\10.0 value name License
* SetFullLicense - Set Full License
Undo: delete from Registry HKLM\Software\Raxco\PerfectDisk\10.0 value name License
* SetNFRLicense - Set NFR License
Undo: delete from Registry HKLM\Software\Raxco\PerfectDisk\10.0 value name License
* SetVMwareFolder - Sets a property to a VMware installation path
* StartDefragFS - Starts DefragFS driver
* StartPDAgent - Starts PDAgent service
* StartVstor2Vixmount - Starts vstor2-vixmount driver
* StopDefragFS - Stops DefragFS driver
* StopPD9Engine - Stops PD9Engine service to allow installation if PerfectDisk Rx is installed.
* StopPDAgent - Stops PDAgent service
* StopPDEngine - Stops PDEngine service
* StopPDExchange - Stops PDExchange service
* StopPDVMDefrag - Stops PDVMDefrag service
* StopProcessesPD - Stops PerfectDisk's processes to support patching and uninstallation
* StopProcessesRx- Stops PerfectDiskRx's processes to support installation if PerfectDisk Rx is installed.
* StopVstor2Vixmount - Stops vstor2-vixmount driver, write Registry data to HKCU\Software\Raxco\PerfectDisk\10.0
Undo: delete from Registry HKCU\Software\Raxco\PerfectDisk\10.0 value name RebootNeeded
* StopWHSConsole - Stops Windows Home Server Console
* SystemRebootNeeded - Reads from Registry and sets reboot at the end of
PerfectDisk for VMware uninstallation if needed
* UseConfigIni - Use Config.ini to allow configuration on install
Undo: delete from Registry HKLM\Software\Raxco\PerfectDisk\10.0
value name UseConfigIni; remove PD* binaries from Windows Firewall Exceptions list,
close PerfectDisk Management port and RPC_PD port.
* UsersReg - Adds PerfectDisk keys to Registry HKU hive on install
Undo: delete from Registry the following keys
* SxsInstallCA - Side by side dll installation
* SxsUninstallCA - Side by side dll un-installation

================================================== =================
VI. Contacting Raxco Software
================================================== =================

Mail: Raxco Software
6 Montgomery Village Avenue, Suite 500
Gaithersburg, MD 20879

Phone: (301) 527-0803

Support Online:

================================================== =================
PerfectDisk 10 is a trademark of Raxco Software, Inc.
Copyright 2008 Raxco Software, Inc.
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