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Post Hired Guns: The Jagged Edge.

Here is the official Hired Guns: The Jagged Edge readme file.

"Hired Guns: Jagged Edge"

ReadMe version 1.07.000.

Thank you very much for purchasing our game!
The following information is to help you to install and play the game.

************************************************** ***********************************

1.1. Put the installation disk into DVD-ROM and follow the instructions shown. If autorun is off – open the disk in explorer and run Start.exe

You may need to install DirectX and new (at a point of release) video drivers, which placed at the disk in appropriate folders.

************************************************** ***********************************

Minimal configuration:

OS: Windows XP SP2 / Vista
Processor: Intel Pentium IV 1800 MHz or similar
RAM: 512 Мb
3500 Мb free
Sound: soundcard, compatible with Windows XP
Video: 128 Мb 3D, NVidia GeForce 5600/ ATi Radeon 9600Pro or higher
DirectX 9.0c
Keyboard, mouse

Recommended configuration:

OS: Windows XP SP2 / Vista
Processor: Intel Pentium IV 3000 MHz or similar
RAM: 1024 Мb
3500 Мb free
Sound: soundcard, compatible with Windows XP
Video: 256 Мb 3D, NVidia GeForce 6600GT/ ATi Radeon X1600Pro or higher
DirectX 9.0c
Keyboard, mouse

************************************************** ***********************************

"Hot keys" at a tactical screen:

"up arrow" – camera up
"down arrow" - camera down
"left arrow" – camera left
"right arrow"- camera right

"SPACE" – camera focused at the nearest visible enemy
"Н" - help screen
"J" - journal
"Х" - burst shoot
"Z" - single shoot
"V" - maximum aiming shoot
"С" - under-barrel grenade launcher shoot
"SHIFT + left mouse button" – turn mercenary to the right direction
"ALT" - move looking at the same object (strafe)
"R" - stand up / run
"E" - stand up / go slowly
"W" - sit down (up) / sneak
"Q" - lie/ creep
"I" - open inventory/ mercenary’s characteristics bar
"S" - put the item into another hand/ store to inventory
"T" - hide/ show trees
"END" - hide roofs
"HOME" - show roofs
"М" - show the whole sector
"PG_UP" - change mercenary’s pose up
"PG_DN" - change mercenary’s pose down

F1...F6 - choose mercenary 1... 6
"TAB" - switch to mode when icons show above characters’ heads

"NUM_2" - on/ off autoaiming
"NUM_8" - always aim at head
"NUM_4" - always aim at right hand
"NUM_6" - always aim at left hand
"NUM_5" - always aim at torso
"NUM_1" - always aim at right leg
"NUM_3" - always aim at left leg

"1...3" - choose the appropriate phrase in a dialogue

"Hot keys" at the strategic map:

"SPACE" - pause the time/ run the time
"1" - launch the time
"2" - double time speed
"3" - quadruple time speed

"S" - squad management screen
F1...F6 - choose squad 1... 6
"B" - open the store of selected sector
"L" - launch laptop
"ESC" - escape to main menu
"H" - help screen

************************************************** ***********************************

Version 1.07.000
- Fixed many issues which bring to crashes and hangups;
- Fixed minor issues in UI and characters voices;
- Simplified the gameplay on lowest difficulty level.

Version 1.05.031

- Added the answers from IPA with data retrieved from the psychological test;
- Fixed the error causing crash on double mouse click on the Enter sector button;
- Removed the feature of editing initial name, nickname or gender of the main character, which caused crash on entering a sector;
- Fixed minor game balance errors;
- Fixed flaws of enemy AI, plus the AI was upgraded a little;
- Added and modified contents of game objects;
- Fixed flaws in textures of game objects, characters and weapons;
- Fixed flaws in game logics;
- Fixed the error in development of one of the storylines in the North Base sector;
- Fixed flaws of the storyline in various sectors.
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