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  5. The HOTTEST Jessica Alba pictures on the Internet.
  6. I'm so happy - I wish I was dead.
  7. lot's of the torrented tv shows (mainly cartoons) end way too soon. - fuck the scene.
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  9. Senator suggests AIG execs should kill themselves.
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  11. FileFront falls.
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  14. CSIRO wins landmark wi-fi settlement.
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  16. The mighty spam/scam emails thread. (Updated)
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  18. DAEMON Tools Pro EULA.
  19. Munax webcrawler indexing sites. (IP range to
  20. Junkie virus. (Ahhh, to be infected again.)
  21. TechSmith Camtasia Studio EULA.
  22. Does Fast Dial keep a user's private information on a server? Something strange just went down.
  23. 3D Realms closes it's doors? (Goodbye Duke Nukem Forever?)
  24. YouTube finally has a fix for their HD videos having black bars on the sides.
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  27. The interesting, funny and cute pictures thread.
  28. Female gamers - they do exist. (Proof inside.)
  29. God bless the seeders.
  30. Filthy Homosexuals.
  31. PerfectDisk 10 readme file.
  32. vBulletin 4.0 Software License Agreement
  33. Steam/Valve Subscription terms for licensed CYBERCAFE operators.
  34. Mafia Wars Terms of Service (ToS) (October 2008)
  35. Safari Software License Agreement (SLA).
  36. Caveat emptor if paying for ZoneAlarm with Paypal.
  37. Stark finally does something useful.
  38. OnLive EULA (June 2010) (Terms of Service / Community Guidelines / Privacy Policy)
  39. Microsoft Connect - Terms of Use (TOU).
  40. Google Terms of Service (April 16, 2007)
  41. Synergy online account Terms and Conditions.
  42. Google One Pass. (What is it?)
  43. Google Maps/Earth Terms of Service.
  44. You will no longer be able to sign in to YouTube without a Google Account.
  45. Amazon.com Pre-order Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions.
  46. French kissing Miley Cyrus.
  47. Battle.net Terms of Use.
  48. GameStop Announces Acquisition of Spawn Labs and Agreement to Acquire Impulse, Inc.
  49. Microsoft Pre-Release Software License Terms for Age of Empires Closed Beta.
  50. Amazon Cloud Drive Terms of Use. (ToU) (March 28 2011)
  51. High quality widescreen pictures.
  52. PayPal's Bill Me Later service.
  53. The Witcher 2 End-User License Agreement.
  54. Stupid console players plead their "innocence" on the official Xbox forums. Hilarity ensues.
  55. Origin EULA. (End User License Agreement) (Includes revisions.)
  56. Miranda Calomy. (The Clockwork Man)
  57. PC Gamer Digital Beta - U.S. License Agreement - Steam
  58. Apple's Steven Paul Jobs dead at 56.
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  62. vBulletin 5.0.5 Software License Agreement
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  69. Project: Silver laptop.
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  71. Graffitis from games under the form of .png images
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  73. Interesting or amusing quotes I personally come across.